buffalos near VennBahn in Hunningen

Hikers drop-off services

In the immediate vicinity of LEVEL600 B&B you can walk endless loops: the walking network is only 200m from our front door!

For those who do not want to walk a loop  but a straight line traject, there is our drop-off service. For a line walk, our Hiker’s drop off service brings you to the starting point of the walk and you walk all the way back to B&B Level600.

Some examples:

  • 4 Valleys walk (Olef – Jansbach – Holzwarche – Warche) from Hollerath in Germany all the way back to B&B Level600
  • from the Hidden Valley in Rocherath to B&B Level600
  • from the Butterfly Valley in Schönberg to B&B Level600
  • from Schönberg along the GR56-route to B&B Level600

Price is for one drop-off, max 4 Persons can share one drop-off.


12 / Once / Per Accommodation