Robin TBR

Bird watching

Price: For Free / All year round

Here’s a list of birds spotted in our neighbourhood: goldfinch, bullfinch, siskin, woodpecker, greenfinch, hawfinch, black stork, grey heron, egret, buzzard, kestrel, jay, redwing, nutcracker, crow, magpie, yellowhammer, thrush, merlin, swallow, long-eared owl, duck, golden rooster, wren, …

Expert advice and reference books available for bird watchers.

​A unique experience – Crane Migration Days 

Cranes  pass over LEVEL600 B&B, when migrating from Spain to Scandinavia. They cover an average of 200 miles on a single day by using thermals. Late October, they fly over LEVEL600 B&B to Spain and Africa. In March, they return to Scandinavia. Times might differ year by year. Your hosts can advise you on the best time to observe this unique event from out LEVEL600 B&B.

From out our Panoramic Lounge, our guests have (almost) 360° views and from our Panoramic Terrace, they can hear the trumpetting sound of the cranes flying over.