Price: For Free / All year round

Whether you come prepared to LEVEL600 B&B or don’t have a clue where to hike, we know most part of the region very well and can help you to get most out of it:

  • you can use our hiking maps
  • we’ll prepare you a pic-nic lunch – see SERVICES
  • we can help you plan with any hiking trails you want – or use th Interactive Hiking Route Planner Go East Belgium – use City=”BÜLLINGEN” – we’re situated between intersection numbers 53, 52, 68 and 67
  • some of our favorites:
    • AUTUMN: mushroom trail – 5km loop – starting at B&B Level600
    • SPRING: half April till 1st week of Mai – 12km – wild daffodils trail  – loop starting at B&B Level600
      • 5km – Discover the Warche Valley – starting at B&B Level600 – loop, starting at intersection number 68
      • 7km – Discover the Warche Valley – starting at B&B Level600 – loop, starting at intersection number 67
      • 15km – to the mouth of the Warche river in Lake Bütgenbach – starting at B&B Level600 – loop, starting at intersection number 67
      • 11km – to the valley near Igelmonder Mühle – starting at B&B Level600 – loop, starting at intersection number 67
      • 17km – adventure walk from Germany to Belgium passing 4 Valleys (Olef, Jansbach, Warche, Holzwarche) – with drop off service (see Hikers Drop Off Service) – on Belgian ground pickung up at intersection number 45
      • 22km – Warche – Lake Bütgenbach – Rocherath Heigths
      • 9km – after a drive of 12km to Montenau (Amel) – along the Amblève river
      • 7km – after a drive of 5km to Rocherath – to the Secret Valley & Jonnhy Brücke
    • GR56
      • we’re situated 300m from the GR56 trail running from Herresbach-Manderfeld-Holzheim-Honsfeld-…


Price: For Free / All year round

LEVEL600 B&B is situated in the middle of RAVeL and VennBahn, which offer hundreds of kilometers signposted cycling routes, on flat as well as exciting inclined roads, far away from traffic. Since spring 2022, LEVEL600 B&B holds – apart from its 4*** stars – the BED+BIKE quality label, which proves we’re offering the right services for cyclists. Here’s how LEVEL600 B&B can help you get most out of your active stay:

  • we can help you plan cycling trails with the Interactive Cycling Route Planner Go Eastbelgium APP;
  • we’re situated between intersection numbers 7 and 24 of the RAVeL cycling ways in Büllingen; the access to the VennBahn is just 400m from our door step.
  • The VELOTOUR and OVELO cycling maps are available for you, all for free
  • On request, we’ll prepare you a pic-nic box; price see SERVICES.
  • You can use our e-charging station for e-bikes in the sheltered area free of charge
  • TOP10 cycling loops with our B&B as starting and ending point are: Monschau (DE) – Sankt VithBütgenbach LakeSignal de Botrange – Burg Reuland – Stadtkyll (DE) – Prüm (DE) – Kronenburg (DE) 
  • Apart from the endless number of cycling loops you can plan from out LEVEL600 B&B, we are known as an ideal stop for long-distance cyclists coming from Troisvierges in Luxembourg, Spa, Stavelot, Malmedy, Vielsalm, Burg Reuland, Eupen, Eynatten, … in Belgium, Monschau, Simmerath, Mützenich, Aachen, Prüm, Trier, Rurberg, Gerolstein, Hillesheim, Stadtkyll, Blankenheim, … in Germany. 

Mountain Biking & Stoneman Challenge

Price: For free / All year round

According to outdoor active experts throughout the world, our region is surrounded by exciting mountain bike rides.

Six of the TOP 10 Belgian most appreciated trails by mountaineers, are … at our footsteps!

For signposted mountain bike trails in our neighbourhood, you can download the APP Go East Belgium

On top of that, from June 2020 onwards, our region is the only Belgian host for the “Stoneman Challenge”. See our regular News items for more information!

Winter Sports

Price: at location / Snow Season only

East Belgium is the most important winter sports region in Belgium, this goes especially for cross-country skiing. There’s also one alpine skiing resort in our neighbourhood. In the event of snowfall and as soon as the conditions are optimal for skiing, this Online Realtime Snow Report allows you to obtain up-to-date information on the ski areas, weather, snow depth and slope conditions. In snow time season, LEVEL600 B&B provides daily/hourly updates in its Panoramic Lounge. For LEVEL600 B&B, the nearest ski resorts are at 5km distance (cross-country trails of 5, 8 and 12km).

Bird watching

Price: For Free / All year round

Here’s a list of birds spotted in our neighbourhood: goldfinch, bullfinch, siskin, woodpecker, greenfinch, hawfinch, black stork, grey heron, egret, buzzard, kestrel, jay, redwing, nutcracker, crow, magpie, yellowhammer, thrush, merlin, swallow, long-eared owl, duck, golden rooster, wren, …

Expert advice and reference books available for bird watchers.

​A unique experience – Crane Migration Days 

Cranes  pass over LEVEL600 B&B, when migrating from Spain to Scandinavia. They cover an average of 200 miles on a single day by using thermals. Late October, they fly over LEVEL600 B&B to Spain and Africa. In March, they return to Scandinavia. Times might differ year by year. Your hosts can advise you on the best time to observe this unique event from out LEVEL600 B&B.

From out our Panoramic Lounge, our guests have (almost) 360° views and from our Panoramic Terrace, they can hear the trumpetting sound of the cranes flying over.

Wild Flower Valleys – Wild Daffodils

Price: For Free / from April till September

From out LEVEL600 B&B, our guests can oversee the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park stretching to the German-Belgian border. Our region is a true paradise for nature-lovers, with yellow and purple flowers dominating from months of April till September.

One particular highlight for our visitors is the wild daffodil-filled valleys of the Warche river, just 100m heading down from LEVEL600 B&B. Expert advice and “LEVEL600 Daffodil Valley walk” description available on-site for you!

Cities and Exhibitions

Price: On-site

Our region offers every opportunity to alternate active days with interesting visits. Here are just a few options: Ars Krippana – Ars Tecnica – Ars Figura – Ardenner Cultur Boulevard (10km) –  Monschau (25km) -Aachen (60 km) – Liège (80 km) – East Belgium Rally and its Shakedown (September)- Oxfam Trail Walk (August) – Francorchamps Formula I GP (August) – the Nature Reserve Visiting Centres of Botrange, Ternell and the barrages on Bütgenbach and Robertville Lakes.

World War II Memorials

Price: For free / All year round

After WW I, the Versailles Treaty assigned a part of Germany, namely the region where our B&B is located, to Belgium by way of an indemnification. That’s why a part of Belgium speaks German!

During WW II, Nazi Germany invaded Belgium and announced the annexation of East Belgium, the so-called East Cantons, home to our LEVEL600 B&B.

In this already swept up region, the so called Battle of the Bulge (the Ardennes Counteroffensive) was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front. It took place  from16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945. The offensive was intended to stop Allied use of the Belgian port of Antwerp and to split the Allied lines, allowing the Germans to encircle and destroy four Allied armies and force the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in the Axis powers’ favor.

Unfortunately, the Battle of the Bulge would become one of the largest and bloodiest single battle fought in history.

The many Memorial sites pay tribute to all victims and their families.

Hobby & Nature

Price: 224 EUR for 2 persons / 18-19-20 Augustus 2020

Mid-Week Naaien in de Hoge Venen – 3 dagen – van 18 tot 20 augustus 2020

Ben jij ook een passionele hobby-naaister? Heb je zin om samen met je zus, moeder, dochter, kleinkind, vriendin, … deel te nemen aan onze Mid-Week Naaien? Het naaien wisselen we af met wandelen of fietsen in onze mooie omgeving vol paarse en gele bloemen. Schrijf zo spoedig mogelijk in want het aantal plaatsen is uiteraard beperkt.

Download de brochure hier.